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Twitch TV: A platform to broadcast video games

Nowadays many people like games and want to broadcast the games on different social media platforms. For example, PUBG is a popular game among gamers all over the world. Many people record the PUBG game first and then broadcast it on multiple social media platforms such as Youtube, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.

When they broadcast the game then maybe they want to give tips and techniques for that particular game. But at first, they record the game through screen recording and then broadcast it on Youtube, WhatsApp, etc.

But what is the advantage of using Twitch TV in order to broadcast the game? I have mentioned below of why we should use Twitch TV as a streamer and why we should visit Twitch TV as a viewer. So, if you want to know about Twitch TV in detail then you have to scroll down in the article.

What is Twitch TV?

Twitch TV is a website that allows gamers to stream and broadcast themselves while playing online video games. Twitch TV enables the streamer to interact with the viewers. The main difference between Twitch TV and other social media platforms is that it allows the steamers to stream and broadcast themselves while playing video games without pre-recording. Viewers can easily join your streaming of video games.

Every platform has some restrictions and limitations. So, the restriction of Twitch TV is that you can just broadcast the games on this platform. Streamer or Twitcher (if he/she on the Twitch TV platform) cannot broadcast content other than games.

It means that this website is only based around the games.

When was created Twitch TV?

Twitch TV is originally created on June 6, 2011. Later on, it was purchased by Amazon for $970 million dollars. It is the biggest website and ranked 4th position in US website traffic.

How to interact with the viewers?

Twitch TV gives the ability to streamer that he/she can easily interact with their viewers in order to become a good and better steamer. Streamers can interact with different viewers by using the chat box. Viewers can send messages to streamers and the streamer responds to them through live streaming. To make a better personal relationship with viewers, a streamer can show his/her face in front of the viewers while playing the video game.

The famous and good streamer is the one who responds to his/her viewers quickly and in a good way. Streamers should tell the viewers about the key points of the game and how to face challenges.

How to become a good streamer?

There are many ways to become a good streamer on any platform and especially on Twitch TV. Some suggestions are mentioned below:

·        Become a Social

If you want to become a good streamer then you should be a social person. Don’t respond to your viewers in a rude way. Always respond to them in a polite way. Make some jokes while playing video games.

·        Be a Punctual

You should be punctual so the viewers can trust your giving time and join your streaming at the right time. If you don’t be punctual then you cannot get the maximum traffic of your viewers. First of all, make a schedule and strictly follow it.

·        Interact with viewers

Streamers should interact with the viewers as much as possible. Answer to the questions of viewers in a good way. Streamers can also show his/her face to establish a close interaction.

·        What is your niche?

There are many people on Twitch TV who are unique streamers. So, first, set your niche and broadcast the content according to your niche but should be related to the games.

·        Don’t be dispirited

If you lose then you should not be disheartened because you are streaming yourselves in front of your viewers. If you discourage then your viewers may not like you. So, try to enjoy the game.

How you can stream to Twitch TV?

Don’t worry if you don’t have different kinds of expensive equipment because you can start the streaming by console and on your mobile phone. The latest consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox give you the ability to stream to Twitch TV easily. Twitch also allows the streamer to stream the video game through its mobile app for iPhone and Android. You can also go live through your PC.

·        Through Console

You can also stream to Twitch TV by console. In PlayStation, you just have to click the “Create Button” or “Share Button.” Then once you connect your account then you will also see the option to broadcast to Twitch TV. In Xbox, you just have to simply download the Twitch app which is totally free, and log in with your account. Then just press the broadcast tab and you will go live.

·        Through the mobile app

You just need to download the Twitch app for free then log in with your account and click on your profile and you will see the option to go live to Twitch “Go Live.”

·        Through PC

Players can also stream the video game on PC. Famous applications to go live are Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) and XSplit. These applications let you easily go live on Twitch.

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