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Gimkit: A best Game-Show Platform for learning

Gimkit is a learning platform, especially for students who want to learn through an online gaming style. 

Nowadays students or children like to play games and want to compete the other user by using gaming skills. By keeping this thinking of students, Gimkit has been developed by skilled developers. They ensure that whether we are providing a good way to learn or not. They build a simple user interface for the students to navigate in this game-show platform. If you don’t have any experience of learning through game-show style then don’t hesitate because it does not show difficulty. Before joining the Gimkit, you should go through the article because you will explore more about it. Just you have to scroll down in the article to get a basic idea about this wonderful game-show platform.

About Gimkit

This game-show platform provides an engaging way for the students to learn more without getting bored. Through this platform, students can earn currency by answering the question to increase their score points. Teachers can also assign homework to the students by using this great learning platform. Students have to earn virtual currency and can easily invest while playing the quiz game to increase scores. Gimkit is the best learning platform and it can be accessed by a group or by individual for independent study.

This is an app-based learning platform that works digitally and is helpful for both students and teachers. This quiz game can be played in a live classroom as well as at home. Teachers can set the parameters of the quiz game and it is accessible by a whole class. Students can connect and play the game using game codes or an account of the classroom. They can easily play a game by making different teams in a class or can answer the question individually.

How the idea of Gimkit came?

The idea of Gimkit came to the mind of a student who was working on a school project. Then, students tried their best to implement the idea and developed an app-based learning platform in a gaming style with fun.

Now, the current version of Gimkit is good and provides a variety of features both for teachers and students. It provides a user-pleasant interface and many attractive colors are used to make the game more attractive.

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Helpful for the teachers

No doubt, this is also helpful for the teachers to take the quiz as well as check the report of the students. Teachers can take the live gameplay class or can assign the questions to the students for independent practice. After every game quiz, teachers can effortlessly check the report of the students to determine their study condition. There are also some kits (sets of questions) in the Gimkit that were created and added by other users. Students can join the live quiz gameplay by using the teacher’s shared code.

If any students or teachers want to get these sets of questions then can get copies of these sets of questions (kits). Teachers are also able to import different questions from other platforms or spreadsheets. KitCollab feature of this app-based quiz platform can also help teachers.

By using the KitCollab feature, a student can easily submit his/her questions and teachers can easily build a kit from those questions. A teacher can also use the assignment feature and can assign homework to the students. Teachers can also set the deadline of the assignment or work to tell the students about the last date for submission.

The interface of the Gimkit

As far as the interface of the Gimkit is concerned, the interface is fully user-pleasant and easy to use. Because students can join the gameplay quiz of different ages so the interface must be easy-to-use. Keeping this thinking that different students of different ages can join the live game-show platform, the interface kept simple. Beautiful colors are used in this app-based game quiz platform and provide four options for answers to questions. Visible font size for the questions and answers is used in this learning platform. Students and teachers do not need to get the additional course to understand the app-based quiz platform. Because both teachers and students can easily navigate this digital quiz game platform.

How to use Gimkit?

It’s very simple to use and both teachers and students can easily sign up. Teachers can use this platform but at first, they must sign up and they can sign up by using their current Google account or email. There will be an option in which it will be asked whether you are a teacher or a student.

Students can easily join the live class through their laptop or mobile phone’s browser via game code. They can also join by accepting the invitation from the teacher and the game code will be shared by the teacher. It will be all managed by a central class account that will be run by the teacher. Teachers just have to import a roaster to get control of the platform and assign the assignments to the students.

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Through the game, students during the live class can submit their questions for the teacher and the teacher can answer them. There will be a limitation on how many students can join the class in the free version. If the quiz is being projected on the main screen then it will be good for the students to work as a class. Students can collaborate in a group on this platform. They can also compete against each other to get the score.

Features of this quiz game platform

There are several of these learning platforms such as:

• KitCollab

Through the use of KitCollab, students will be allowed to build the quiz with the teachers. Both teacher and students can build the quiz before starting the game. It will also decrease the workload of the teacher as well as it will be good for the students.

• Game’s reward

Reward boosts the students’ struggle for studying. There is also an option for a reward in this learning platform. If any student gives the correct answer to the question then he/she will be rewarded with virtual currency. With the help of virtual currency, students can invest to increase their scores. But if any student provides the wrong answer then it will be not good for him/her regarding the score.

• Live streaming class

Another wonderful and helpful feature for the teachers is the live class option in this learning platform. Teachers can effortlessly take the live class and students can join the class via game code or other way.

• Control of the teacher

The control of the teacher is one of the appreciated aspects of this platform. Teachers can assign assignments, check the report, perform data analytics, take live classes, or give the quiz for independent practice.

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Cost of Gimkit

Like other platforms, Gimkit also offers a free version for students and teachers. But the free version contains some limits such as five students can use this platform at a time. In the free version, some advanced features are not allowed to be used.

If you want to get all features and all modes of Gimkit then buy a premium subscription and use all features and modes.


To conclude this article, I would say that Gimkit is one of the best online learning platforms in the style of games. Game-show platform increases the chances of students’ engagement towards learning! It offers multiple features and modes for both teachers and students.

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