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Spacecoastdaily: a comprehensive guide


Spacecoastdaily is an online news broadcasting platform that gives daily new information about Brevard County. It is basically a news community that provides you daily news broadcasts, new articles, events, health, events, sports and many more about which you are looking for. Giles Malone and his wife Nancy were the founders of the spacecoastdaily. At the beginning, the company was named as “The Right Side News Network ”. But was later converted into spacecoastdaily to avoid confusion from the other company of almost the same name that is Right Side News. 

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They rebranded their name and started working even more harder to get recognised. They got a lot of fandom after the news coverage of little girls being forced to wear hijab in the school. Also by broadcasting the issue of Obama Care in Brevard County. This was their golden time period and got a strong following. 

The SpaceCoastDaily team: 

The team of the space coast daily worked very hard to get recognised in the market. Some of the team members that played a vital role in growing the name of the company are; 

Tom Palermo – President & Publisher

Tom Palermo the co-founder of Brevard Production Inc., also the president and publisher of this broadcasting platform. Palermo hosted weekly radio shows and wrote thousands of articles and columns for daily and weekly articles, magazines and trade publications and for websites. He worked hard and played a major role in the growth of the space coast daily. 

Dr. Jim Palermo – Partner & Editor-In-Chief

Founder and President of the Space Coast Publishers Guild, Palermo works ardently to uphold the highest grades of innovation and integrity on behalf of his industry. In 2002 he left clinical practice, in which he had an impact at every single patient level. He accepted a position as the full-time chief medical officer and vice president of quality management for HealthFirst. 

Giles Malone —  Partner & Vice President

Giles Malone is the vice president and partner in the company of space coast daily and co-founded many broadcasts for the daily news updates. Also, Giles Malone along with Tom Palermo and Dr. Jim Palermo worked hard to create or develop high quality publications such as Space Coast Daily magazine and SpaceCoastDaily.com. After his death his wife Nancy looked after his work and used to cover all the local news and raise the space coast daily from local to national level. 

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Joshua Adams – Partner & Technology Director 

Joshua Adams started programming at the age of 11 years old and started a freelancing career at the age of 14. His interest and hard work led him to become an expert of web development at such a young age. He became an expert of web development, digital marketing and marketing, and used his experience for space coast daily. He was also the partner and technology director of spacecoastdaily. 

Joshua Adams is never satisfied by his position and always tries to find a simplest and unique way to go forward. He always used to say “Ever Forward!”. He believes that the best thing in life is to move forward even if you get your target. Also, He always used to appreciate the talented people and empower them. 

Zach Clark – Executive Editor 

In 2014, Zach Clark joined Space Coast Daily and worked on a number of projects and innovative ways to keep Space Coast Daily on the forefront of turning up the technologies and processes. 

He performed a wide array of duties and completed his responsibilities with honesty and hard work. He used to do  breaking news coverage, publishing numerous stories, production of live events, announcing and producing local sport. Also some of the responsibilities includes TV programming, video editing special projects, sports figures and officials in Central Florida, interviews with the most recognizable local leaders. 

Matt O’Hern – Social Media Director

For over 15 years, Matt O’Hern has managed a wide range of social media ads for the clients and helped them in gaining the followers. He arranges a quantity of followers who engage with the clients contents on the respective website or social media platform. 

Karina Connor – Multimedia Marketing Director 

Karina Connor is the Longtime Brevard County resident and proficient media executive. She joined spacecoastdaily team as a Multimedia marketing director.  For the last 10 years, Karina Connor has been skillful in publicity and media relations in Brevard County. Also she has a true passion for marketing with substantial experience in event productions digital as well as traditional media. 

She brought her multi experience in the social media industry and joined space coast daily, her presence in the company helped them a lot in theri growth. 

Leneah Willis – Multi-Media Marketing Specialist

Leneah Willis is an eulogizing photographer who has an experience of 11 years. She used to travel to different locations around the world and used to do photography. She joined Space Coast daily and used her photography skills to keep the company to the higher level. 

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Spacecoastdaily is a platform that provides daily news updates to its subscribers. Lets them remain connected to the daily happenings of the world. They broadcast daily events of both local and national level. They have the daily news updates of weather, space launches and about the happenings of the world. If you want to remain updated and connected with the worldly happening then subscribe to spacecoastdaily opt. 

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