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Guia silent hill geekzilla: mysterious game for silent hill lovers


Guia silent hill geekzilla is an online horror and thrilling video game. The story of this game is following a father who is in search of his missing daughter Cheryl . For this purpose, he went through different hurdles and faced every situation with full courage to find his daughter. He went through mysterious and foggy hills of that hill town which carries a lot of dark secrets and mysteries in it. 

In this game the father went through the silent hills. There he faces hurdles, horrible creatures and dark secrets that reveal the horror nature of the silent hills. 

If you are a silent hill lover then this game will definitely win your heart also you will love this comprehensive discussion. Here we have explained every little detail about Guia silent hill geekzilla and surely you will be able to know every fact about this classical game. Guia silent hill geekzilla has every detail that will help you to solve the game’s thrilling quizzes. We will discuss every tip and strategy for solving the exciting game challenges. 

What is Guia silent hill geekzilla?

Guia silent hill geekzilla is a comprehensive guide about the silent hill video game, where a father is in search of his mission daughter and faces many hurdles. A lot of dark secrets are revealed to him regarding Silent hill. This guide was created by some silent hill lovers for the guidance of both new and experienced silent hill lovers. The major purpose of Guia silent hill geekzilla is to provide a resource for silent hill lovers to gain information of its thrilling story and get major details about their interest. 

Guia silent hill geekzilla is a haunt of fear, art, storytelling, also to check and make strong the human mind. It’s a journeying that inquiring percept, triggers emotions, and leaves an ineradicable mark on those who defy to venture into its depths. 

This comprehensive guide covers a wide range of topics such as the games’ stories, characters, locations, and gameplay mechanics. It also includes a lot of bonus information including concert arts, screenshots, and some interviews with the game developers. 

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History of Guia silent hill geekzilla:  

Initially, Guia silent hill geekzilla was released in Spanish language in 2012. Later in 2014, it was translated in english. This guide has been given much honor because of its comprehensiveness. Due to its ability to provide a new insight to the silent hill series. Guia silent hill geekzilla has been recommended by many fans as an essential source of information about the series for those who are looking for a detailed overview about Silent hill.

Sections of Guia silent hill geekzilla: 

The Guia silent hill geekzilla covers much information and gives detailed overview about its different sections. 

  • The game has different sections where the first one is “The Story” section. That includes the initial overview of the story. In this section, the theme, plot and characters of the game are discussed in detail. 
  • The second one is “The Character” section; where a brief preface about the main character and side characters is given. It also gives information about the background, motivation and role of each character in the story. 
  • The third section is “The Location”; that provides every minor instruction about the location and maps of the silent hill game. The history, geography and the atmosphere of the game is also discussed. 
  • The fourth section, “The Gameplay Mechanics’ ‘ Explicates the gameplay execution and covers the theme like combat, geographic expedition. puzzle-solving of the silent hill.


Q: Is Silent Hill right for players who aren’t enthusiast of fright games?

Ans: Of course silent hill video games are suitable for all the people, it doesn’t matter if you are a fan of silent hill or not. A unique assemblage of horror and storytelling makes Silent Hill attractive to players with a comprehensive range of sensation.

Q: Can I connect or communicate with other Silent Hill enthusiasts online?

Ans: Yes, you can connect with any of the silent hill enthusiasts online. For this purpose you are provided with fan event participation, social media groups, and silent hill forums. 

Q: Is there any plan for the release of a new silent hill game in future? 

Ans: The official announcements regarding silent hill games are still pending but the fans are excited and are waiting anxiously for its new upgraded release. 

Q: Can I enjoy the silent hill game without playing the initial stages? 

Ans: There is a unique story in every stage of silent hill, also they are connected to one another. But you will also enjoy it if you want to skip or leave any of the installments. 

Q: What is unique about Silent hill that makes it different from other horror games? 

Ans: The immersive experience of Silent Hill is increased by its region design, complex narratives, and psychological horror. It’s all scientific discipline without a lot of jump panic upon which most of the horror games rely on.

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