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Sagarika Sona: The Controversial Chapter in Sagarika Sona’s Career

Who is Sagarika Sona?

Sagarika Sona is a very famous model and actress which is from the India. She is an Indian famous and well-liked actress. Media and the Entertainment Pvt Ltd has the recruited the actress as a Director, and her much more the recent directorship with the photos and the Advertisements Private Limited (Pvt). The actress is making waves after the accusing Raj Kundra of the requiring a naked audition.

The famous actress stated that she was given the element in a web series that he is produces. She is recently posted a video in which Sagarika thinks that he should be arrested. Sagarika also revealed that has been offered a role in the web series by the company of the famous actress. For which she perform the live audition with no wearing few clothes. 

She declined to complete the work after that. The actress is 35 years old, and the date of birth of the famous actress has not yet updated. The actress worked in a TV industry as the model and actress. On the social media, there is no organization and information on the actress. Keep tuned for the adding the information. 

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Film of famous actress

Sagarika was about to the work in Bollywood because the actress is now struggling, and also she claimed the famous director Raj Kundra requested for the audition. This significance and also information was released by the director arrest on the 19th July. 

Controversy of Sagarika Sona 

She said that, I am a model and actress and I have been in the profession for many years. She stated in her video, that I have not put forth many efforts. Many things happened among the lockdown that I like to relate. In the month of August 2020, that I received a call from the actress, he offered me a designation of the producer. And I inquired about the actor, and also the actor informed me that he is the spouse.  

And demanded that I conduct a naked, she said when I joined the video call. That I was taken refuse. There are many public were on the video call, one of whom had their expression. And I think that the actor. I f the producer is involved in such activities, that I want him the racked exposed. 

Family and Education of Sagarika Sona

The actress is also an Indian Model who server many years in the television industry. The actress also worked in the web series. There is nothing information regarding her family which includes parents and siblings on the web series. Sagarika Sona is working in the television industry for many years. 

Sagarika Sona complete her education at the local school, and then the actress went to the college. After completing the school at the local area, she enrolled in the college to complete her graduation, other information about the actress and her diploma in unknown. 

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Her early career transition 

She started her career in the early age, so it is well known that the actress is working in the television series. Her acting career in the Hindi Television is well known. She had reported in the February that the producer had asked her to take the element in a auditions for the web. 

After she talking about the producer insisted that she has been receiving threatening video calls. Although Whatsapp and also calls and messages on the messenger, the famous actress claims that he receives rape threats. Then the producer has been arrest, after the husband of Shilpa Shetty was arrest, and her video has hone viral on the social media.  

Interesting facts about the actress

Here are very interesting facts about the famous model and actress:

  • The famous model and actress is a TV actress and model, and she is from India.
  • She completed her education at the local school of India.
  • She enrolled in a college to gain the college degree.
  • Web was also the element of the job duties.
  • The TV industry has been her profession for many years.
  • One of the video went viral on the social media in February.
  • The actress claims that she was invit to give her video call.
  • The actor Raj Kundra was arrested on the 19th July by the Mumbai Crime Branch.

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That is the reason of the actress; this is all about the actress, who has worked as a famous television actress. The actress and also the member of the TV industry have gained a very large following. The very famous person Raj Kundra recently accused her of the audition. The claim has caused quite a stir. After the day her discourse against the famous personality Raj Kundra, she claimed that she had received the threatening video calls.

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