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Some interesting things about Goa, India

Though a large portion of the state is covered in forests, most people associate Goa with its long, sandy beaches. India’s tropical paradise is called Goa.

The stunning Western Ghats of India, a huge mountain range and biodiversity treasure trove, make up about 20% of Goa’s total area.

Numerous exotic animals can be found in these forests, such as mongooses, Indian giant squirrels, Slender Loris, Indian macaques, and sloth bears.

There are nearly 7,000 bars available.

Known as the party capital of India, Goa welcomes thousands of sun-loving visitors every year.

The state has catered to public demand by providing nearly 7,000 bars statewide with an abundance of inexpensive alcohol. While there are plenty of beach parties in South Goa as well, North Goa is usually livelier.

Goa is the smallest state in India.

With a 99-mile coastline, it is only marginally larger than Devon, occupying an area of 1,429 square miles.

However, this does not imply that the state lacks activities and attractions—quite the contrary!

In India, Goa has the highest per capita income.

Because of its thriving tourism sector, Goa is one of the richest states in India.

The best location in terms of facilities and living standards is this lovely state.

Goa was ruled by Portugal for nearly 450 years.

Vasco da Gama, a Portuguese captain, landed in Goa in 1524. In an attempt to seize control of the spice root from the East, more Portuguese arrived in 1510, and two years later Goa was annexed by Portugal.

Goa’s colonial past is evident everywhere you look, from the churches, museums, and vibrant homes scattered throughout the state to Panjim, the state capital, and its historic Portuguese neighborhood.

Goa’s cuisine demonstrates the Portuguese influence of the state! A Portuguese bean stew with either curried pork or beef is called feijoada, and it’s a must-try.

Cheapest Self drive cars in India

Due to high competition, self drive cars in Goa are very cheap and pocket friendly. You can easily hire a mini hack back car like Maruti Swift or Hyundai Swift in just 1000 INR or off road car like Thar rental in Goa in just 3000 INR.

One of India’s biggest waterfalls is in Goa.

With a height of 603 meters, the Dudhsagar Waterfalls, located in the state’s extreme east, are regarded as the second-highest waterfall in all of India.

It’s breathtaking to see, tumbling down a mountainside behind a railroad track and surrounded by thick jungle. See for yourself how beautiful it is, and even go for a swim.

Best Time to Visit

The entire year round, the area is at its most beautiful. The summer season lasts from March to June. Now is the moment for activities on land and in the water. Activities on the beach are available in this area. This time of year, the beach always seems to be crowded. Winter is the best season to take advantage of exotic activities like hot air balloon rides and visits to spice plantations, among other things, and lush vegetation. Many festivals and carnivals take place during this time as well. Winter lasts from October through March.

The rainy season in this area runs from June to September. Goa has moderate rainfall, which makes adventure activities difficult. Opting for offroading car like thar for rent in Goa is best to beat wet roads and terrains during rainy season. When it rains a lot, all beach activities will be suspended. In rough water, even boating will be discontinued. But even in the monsoon season, the area’s natural beauty is unaltered. The winter months are when travel is most popular.

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